Council Member Paschall Proposes Budget Items for FY15 Budget

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014 @ 5:00PM

Council Member Paschall introduced various budget proposals this evening for inclusion in the City of Hyattsville’s FY15 budget. Patrick wants to see Hyattsville invest in our community and provide better services consistent with our values of being a walkable, sustainable community. Patrick’s budget proposals include:

Education Advisory Committee funds: Patrick would like for the City Council to allocate funds for the newly formed Education Advisory Committee so that they can better achieve their mission of improving opportunities for Hyattsville Area Schools and the students that attend them.

Environment Committee funds: Patrick has seen recommendations for programs from the Environment Committee go ignored by Councils in the past. He would like to allocate funds for the Environment Committee to make recommendations to Council around environmentally sustainable programs, such as a community composting program or a program to replace gas lawnmowers with electric lawnmowers for Hyattsville residents.

Spanish Translation Services: Patrick thinks we should make our best effort to reach out to the Spanish speaking population. Although we don’t know how many Hyattsville residents are Spanish-speaking, we do know that 36% of the Hyattsville population identifies as Latino, and anecdotally we know that we have a large immigrant population. Patrick proposes that the Hyattsville Reporter which is mailed to every home in Hyattsville on a regular basis should be translated into Spanish as well, so the City can more effectively communicate with Spanish speaking populations.

Supporting the Farmer’s Market: Patrick supports local, sustainable food options and wants to see thos opportunities expand for Hyattsville residents. The Hyattsville Farmer’s Market, which operates on Tuesdays from 2-6pm in the Summer, needs administrative support to expand their operating hours, market to local residents, and incentivize more local farmers to sell their products at the Hyattsville Farmer’s Market. Patrick proposes to provide the funds to support a part-time staff member to assist with these activities.

Wellness and Health Programs: Along the same lines as the Farmer’s Market, Patrick would like to see the City invest in ways to expand health and wellness offerings to city residents. This may mean participation in the First Lady’s Let’s Move! Campaign, expanding our participation in Walk to School day, or other local activities. He would like to budget for it so the staff has an opportunity to explore options and execute them during the next fiscal year.

Board of Elections Voting Reforms: Patrick believes we should do everything we can to expand access to voting. This means increasing early voting, creating same-day voter registration for city elections, and other activities. As we will have an election during FY15, Patrick proposes that we give the Board of Elections the resources they need to be effective at administering our elections.

You can learn more about the budget proposals from all Council Members, including Council Member Paschall, at the City of Hyattsville’s website here:

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