Patrick knows that a strong education system is the backbone of a successful society, and he believes that engaged parents are the best way to ensure engaged children. As an active member of the Hyattsville Elementary School Parent-Teacher Association and an ardent supporter of the creation of the Education Advisory Committee, Patrick knows that encouraging parental and community involvement in our schools is a key feature of having a close-knit community with safe schools and educational settings that cultivate our children's talents and interests.

More Recreation

Hyattsville has a great emphasis on recreation already, but we can do even more to be a leader in the region. We should finish and install more running/biking paths and revitalize our many neighborhood parks. Additionally, year-round, indoor community pools are strongly correlated with healthier communities they offer opportunities for no-impact exercise for elderly residents, recreation for children and families, and exercise facilities for teenagers and adults, and Patrick will work to bring an indoor pool to our community.

Smart Local Development

Recent redevelopment of the Route 1 corridor is a good example of the potential we have for redevelopment in other areas of our city. Hyattsville should continue this development and focus new redevelopment efforts on the Prince George's Plaza and West Hyattsville Metro areas, which would increase consumer options for our residents, bring more revenue in for the city, and raise property values across the city. Patrick will work with businesses and County entities to create incentives for businesses to develop in Hyattsville's three main development zones.

Safer Commutes

As a daily public transit commuter into downtown Washington, DC, Patrick sees every day how much more work we need to do to make sure that our streets and walkways are safe for our community. This means working to ensure that walkways are well lit at night, that streets and sidewalks are appropriately maintained, and that we have safe regular crossings of our major roads.

Voter Engagement

Patrick believes that voting access is the bedrock of our Democracy, and wants to see voters have every opportunity to engage in the process. Patrick will work with city staff and Council Members to create an early voting program in Hyattsville elections, establish same-day voter registration policies, and work to expand the right to vote in municipal elections to 16- and 17- year olds and all Hyattsville residents.

Environmental Sustainability

As we move our city forward in a variety of areas, we need to make sure we do things to ensure that we preserve our environment for future generations. Patrick supports sustainable development, including insuring that all new builds and renovations are done in sustainable ways, and wants to see the city expand opportunities for residents to participate in programs like back yard composting and incentives to purchase electric lawn mowers rather than gas-powered lawn mowers.