Patrick Paschall Announces Run for Democratic Central Committee

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 @ 10:23AM

Council Member Patrick Paschall is excited to announce that he has filed his candidacy for Democratic Central Committee for the June 24 primary election. Patrick will work with the District 22 delegation to ensure that voters in District 22 know that they have quality leadership at the state and county-wide levels, who will work tirelessly to voice their concerns and expand engagement in local, county, and statewide elections.

On the evening of the announcement, Council Member Paschall said:

“I am incredibly excited to join a visionary leadership team in the District 22 delegation and work with our colleagues across Prince George’s County to expand voter engagement and leverage our collective voice in the state and county. I was honored to have been invited to join the team by our District 22 delegation – Senator Pinsky and Delegates Gaines, Washington, and Healey – and I look forward to working with fellow Democratic Central Committee candidates Nicole Williams and Emmett Jordan over the next four years. Together, we are going to get Democrats even more involved in determining who will represent them in the government bodies that affect their daily lives.”

The Prince George’s County Democratic Central Committee is the governing body of the Democratic party of Prince George’s County and represents Prince George’s County as its delegation to the Maryland State Democratic Committee.

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